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Achieve your Healthy Lifestyle Goals With Us!

We are Natalie and Ryan, a dynamic mother-son duo passionate about helping women achieve their health and wellness goals. Our mission is to guide you on a journey to unlock your full potential, defy hormonal myths, and achieve lasting weight loss and wellness.

Natalie: With years of experience in nutrition coaching, I specialize in creating personalized meal plans and strategies that fit seamlessly into your lifestyle. My approach is compassionate and science-based, ensuring you receive the support and knowledge needed to make sustainable changes.

Ryan: As a dedicated fitness expert, I focus on crafting customized workout plans tailored to your unique needs. I combine my expertise in exercise science with a motivational coaching style to help you overcome obstacles and reach your fitness goals.

Together, we provide a holistic, one-on-one coaching experience that includes access to our supportive community, comprehensive resources, and a state-of-the-art fitness app. Our goal is to empower you with the tools, confidence, and support to transform your life and achieve your dreams. Join us, and let's embark on this journey to a healthier, happier you!


Natalie Betsko is a dedicated and determined business owner focusing on sharing her distinctive approach to self-love, self-care & living your healthiest hormonal life grounded in a unique overall health and wellness approach.

She began her work life on a fishing boat off the coast of Sitka, Alaska & 30 years later is the CEO of 24…, a family-owned business she runs with her middle son, Ryan.

Balancing her professional career along with raising a family, Natalie has committed her lifelong love for athletics & fitness to helping individuals level up their lives through proper exercise and nutrition. Especially focusing on leading women to develop their talents to flourish and prosper.

Beginning at the University of Washington working with 18 varsity sports, Natalie worked directly with the 1991-1992 Rose Bowl Championship Football Team. Then moving on to Columbus, OH to work with The Ohio State University's 36 varsity sports & lending her expertise to the Buckeyes during their National Championship run in 2002. Natalie is an expert fitness & nutrition coach and is also an IFBB Pro Bodybuilder (Figure) competitor, an Arnold Classic Co-Master of Ceremonies & is a Motivational Speaker/Moderator.

Transforming mind/body & soul, developing ideas & collaborating with an extensive network of world-class women, she has assisted thousands of individuals in achieving personal and fitness goals!

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